Alright, so one of my main hobbies is 3D printing. It’s such an amazing tool to have in your arsenal as a creator, tinkerer or creative artist.

You can so quickly whip something together in a CAD software, and sit with it in your hands in a short time later. The fact you can print stuff other people have made, is amazing too.

What are you using?

I’m currently sporting a Creality CR-6 SE, with a couple of upgrades.

I think it’s a fairly decent printer. It gets the job done, especially after the firmware upgrade. I have had some issues with the stock glass bed, but I have since upgraded to a PEI bed, which is amazing.

Upgrades 🔧

Here is a list of upgrades i’ve done to my printer.

Dual gear extruder

This should allow me to more easily use softer filaments like TPU. It’s also makes it a more stable extuder.

PEI bed plate

I have ditched the old stock glass bed, which I had a ton of adhesion issues with. Now I use a nice powder coated PEI plate, that is mounted magnetically, and is flexiable. Which also makes the print adhere better, and very easy to remove when cooled off.

Capricon bowden tube

This is just a better PTFE bowden tube from Capricon

PrimaCreator Ruby nozzle 0.4mm

This nozzle should allow me to print with various abbrasive filaments, without nozzle weardown.

Custom firmware (Community firmware)

I have flashed the better community firmware, that adds a bunch of new features.

Future upgrades

I’m planning on upgrading the Hotend to the MicroSwiss all metal hotend, which should help with potentional heat creep issues.

Currently my printer is inside my house, but I’m planning to move it to my shed, so I can print at night, and not have to worry about the noise.

I will blog about it, so stay tuned!

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